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    Why SRM?

    SRM Hockey is not a camp. It is an elite player development program that prepares individuals for the next   level of competition. The professional staff at SRM understands that individual development is a process, and  we want to play a pivotal role in it. 

    What Is Our Mission?

    To provide a challenging, safe, professional environment

    What Is Our Vision?

    Our Primary focus is to push players outside of their comfort zone, to help each individual achieve their goals as an athlete, student, and young adult/professional. 

    What Sets Us Apart?

    SRM's commitment is unmatched in North America, and we take pride in enabling and equipping players with the skill-set demanded at the next level of play. Not only will we prepare you for competition, but we will help you position yourself as an elite asset to any club/organization.  


    SRM Hockey
    Sacrifice * Responsibility * Motivation
    340 S. Derbyshire Lane | Arlington Heights, IL 60004